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Selection from the arts of Novohrad Museum and Gallery 
to the 110th anniversary of the birth of
Gyula Szabó

Avars and Slavs north of the Danube

Artistic craftsmanship from prehistoric times to the present

"TO MY PEOPLES"  Stories from the great war

Exhibition is divided into two larger units. The first part allows insight into wartime events through concrete human destinies and family stories. Among our party figures professional soldier - a graduate of officers' academy, known writer, local historian, but even a simple farmer or skilled worker.
The second section of the exhibition presents traditional traveling exhibition, comprising eight thematic units, we have enriched the extensive collection of museum objects. Except that chronologically and thematically closer to the first World War, presents the events associated with the territory of Slovakia, such as prison camps at Rye Island, or the invasion of Russian troops.
We are especially pleased that the installations that evoke the atmosphere of the battlefield can be due to the Hungarian National Digital Archive and Film Institute included the projection of valuable archival film footage.
The present exhibition material and other results digitization campaign can be found at and Facebook page Memories of the first world war.
Thank you for your attention and I wish you valuable experience of the exhibition.

Janos Hushegyi  /SNM Bratislava/

 Life and work of Ferenc Kubinyi

PAINTER OF LUČENEC, The life and Art of František Gyurkovits



Amateur artists´collection from regions Lucenec and Poltar

  "Palo Macho - In the Service of Light

Glass sculptures exhibition.

"When the guns were silenced"

On the occasion of 70th Anniversary

exemption of Novohrad region.

We kindly invite you to the exhibition:  "Spring awakening" 

2015. 3. 18

We kindly invite you to the opening of our exhibition:  "Bacskai Béla 1935 - 1980" 

2015. 2. 12,  4pm


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