We kindly invite you to the opening of our exhibition:  Katarina Acél - "Portraits" 

opening 2014. 11. 14, 5 pm


XXVI. International Ceramics Symposium Lučenec - Kalinovo 2014     

It has been organized yearly by the Novohrad Museum and Gallery, Union of Artists in Slovakia – Collective of Slovakian Ceramists and the ceramic factory Žiaromat a.s. Kalinovo since the year 1989. This year it started on 6 July with 4 participants, ceramists:  

Ludmila Kovaříková (Czech republic), Halina Krawczun (Poland), 
Zsuzsa Pannonhalmi (Hungary), Adriena Kutaková (Slovakia).

Opening: 2014 aug. 1   4 pm

Bulid up your dream

Exhibition prolonged due to massive success until 2014. 8. 15

Creation with lego...

    Jan Hus in 1415 and 600 years later

    The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Hussite  Museum in Tábor , the Company of Hus Museum in Prague and Museum of Jan Hus in Konstanz (Germany) on the occasion of the 600th anniversary of the death of Jan Hus . Its mission is to highlight the personality of the prominent Czech theologian, rector of Charles University and church reformer. He was a great critic of the Pope and the Church. For the dissemination of these ideas he was declared a heretic and 6 July 1415 Constance burned. After his death the Czech Hussite Revolution broke out, which resisted the Crusades of the Western Church. In medieval Europe the Czech Kingdom created for the first time a model of religious tolerance for different Christian denominations. Jan Hus became one of the most significant personalities of Czech history and this position remained to him up today.

Within the exhibition opening on 29.04.2014 by 16.00 a lecture of the director of Hussite Museum in Tábor - Mgr. Jakuba Smrčka, THD will be realized, on " John Hus in the context of his time and traditions".

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We invite you to exhibition: Light ...

        The exhibition of the Novohrad Museum and gallerie collections in the area of ​​history, ethnology and fine art will be presenting articles related to transmission and storage of light from the past to the present.  It brings information not only about the importance of light for life on earth, but also his spiritual perceptions in folklore, religion and superstition.

       Light is a phenomenon with wide significance. Its best describes the symbolism of candles, which accompanies man from birth to death. The aim of the exhibition is to capture as many of its forms - from the history of candles, mining, street lighting.

      Art collection will be represented by works bearing direct or indirect references to light, its perception in terms of philosophical, religious and symbolic.

We invite you to exhibition: Slovak way to microcosmos

Traditional North-Novohrad folk costumes

Human and the space

Novohrad museum and gallery, Kubínyiho námestie 3, Lučenec

2013. 6. 21 -  7. 31


 (5 - 16 Jun 2013)

The Novohrad Museum and Gallery presents the annual international exhibition and competition of children´s, youth´s and adult´s graphic works. The program is organized by the Lučenec town, its aim is to draw attention to the graphic techniques as well as to keep the memory of the great artist Gyula Szabó in awareness of young  people. Exhibition of 239 works, there were 34 awarded.

Awarded artist;  Mayof of Lučenec  PhDr. Alexandra  Pivková;  Chairman of commission Mgr. art Gyenes Gabriel   (photo: Martina Libiaková)


The aim of twelve creative personal is the public manifestation of their generation that once has taken its roots in Lučenec. They introduce the multi-genre and unique exhibition as their fruits of development.

Opening:  april 12, 2013   6pm

ity And Grace

Are these two opposites or are the banal and the graceful intertwined? 118 artists from 25 countries have tried to find an answer to this question and have submitted a total of 208 artworks for the exhibition Banality and Grace.

For whole centuries, the two concepts were separated by an impassable border, the graceful having been associated with wealth and luxury and the banal with poverty and everyday life. However, modern times have altered this perception and discover grace in the vulgar and the ordinary. It is always a great challenge and responsibility to determine a topic and to steer the attention of artists in its direction. For some artists, the topic becomes long-term inspiration.

The jury headed by Professor Marga Persson has chosen 63 professional artists and 17 students and 110 artworks for the competition. Admitted professional artists come from 22 countries but selected students only come from Slovakia and the USA.

Although the globalisation has reached visual arts as well, a number of common features can be observed in artworks originating in certain areas.

Many artists really embraced the topic and have thus found new inspiration. In this respect, a number of interesting works of art from Finland and Norway must be highlighted that feature cultivated colours and perfect craftsmanship. A pleasant surprise were artworks of students lead by our colleague Jozef Bajus at the Bufallo University in the USA. Applying various natural materials they achieved many new shapes and forms. Charged with powerful emotions is a collection of felt ”Babies” from the Lithuanian artist Egle G. Bogdaniene. A very humorous and direct approach was taken by the TXT member Silvia Čierniková and her Spaghetti: Equal Stomach. Daniel Szálai has created a noble ”Crown” from metal nuts held together by bamboo sticks. Ya-chu Kang from Taiwan made use of last exhibition´s wrappings to create a sophisticated collection of ladies´ handbags. Refined and exciting are little objects by Nikola Čiripová as well as those created by Zuzana Martinusová, a student working under the lead of Iveta Miháliková at the ŠUV in Bratislava. Her fellow student Anna Gregušová has succeeded in charming the jury with her collection ”Foam Rubber As An Attire”. Hannele Ollakka and Nina Nissonen from Finland as well as Blanka Šperková have created gracefully banal shoes. Ulla Pohjola from Finland and Velga Lukaza from Latvia expressed themselves with perfect traditional handmade embroidery.

Brigitte Amarger from France and Ludwika Zytkiewicz from Poland who were both awarded at last year´s 13th exhibition, will present a selection of their works in separate individual exhibitions.

In the course of opening the exhibition Banality And Grace, the winners in professional and student categories will be announced.

Participating countries:

England, Argentina, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Chile, Ireland, Japan, Lithuania, Latvia, Mexico, Germany, Norway, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, USA

Silvia Fedorová, curator

Exhibitions 2012

Exhibition of Bojnice caste treasury

Presentation of over two hundred unique exhibits of the fine arts and crafts from the collections of SNM - Museum Bojnice. It will be mostly artifacts that visitors Bojnice castle normally not see, since they are in the repositories. In addition to paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures that will be - Czech and Viennese porcelain, Italian majolica, faience Hutterite, German pottery, glass, silver, clocks and weapons from the original assets of the last noble owner Bojnice castle of Count John Palffy.

Curator:  Mgr. Katarína Malečková

Opening: 2012. 12. 12   4pm

Photographic exhibition  „AMFO

Photo exhibition of amateur photograpphers  from Lucenec and Poltar.

14. 11. - 7. 12. 2012,  opening 14. 11. 2012 @ 5pm

Novohradské múzeum a galéria, Kubínyiho námestie 3, Lučenec

Photographic exhibition  „The waof light

Novohradské múzeum a galéria, Kubínyiho námestie 3, Lučenec

9. 11. - 9. 12. 2012, opening 9. 11. 2012 @ 4pm

The world of blunt-sighted people.

69+1 Photo exhibition of M. Nagy  László, Lučenec born photographer.

   Symphony from Hodruša

  Private Arts School in Hodruša Hámre exhibition from students works
will be held on the occasion of the 110th
anniversary of its foundation.
  The exhibition is on view until 4th November 2012.



The Ceramic Symposium Lučenec – Kalinovo  

It has been organized yearly by the Novohrad Museum and Gallery, Union of Artists in Slovakia – Collective of Slovakian Ceramists and the ceramic factory Žiaromat a.s. Kalinovo since the year 1989. This year it started on 15 July with 4 participants, ceramists:  Elisabeth Le Retif, Joanna Hair, Alain Kurylo (Fr) and Ilja Holešovský (Sk)



presents large and typologically diverse production of 
Miroslav Debnár (designer, architect and university teacher)

500 years of Reformation in Slovakia

Exhibition present history of the Reformation from the beginning to the present.

Crafts in Novohrad yesterday and today

at 4pm, 10 May

The exhibition is on view until  8th July 2012.  

Construction kit Merkur

Author of exhibition - Jiří Mládek

2012. 3. 9 -  4. 30

Interactive exhibition from private collection of Jiří Mládek.

Tropical insect

Entomological exhibition form the collection of Michal Zachar 

2012. 2. 3. - 3. 2














 Smell it ...

 Selection from restoration works of Mgr. Art Silvia Birkušová  /VŠVU Bratislava/
 Open: 5 - 31. january 2012

In new dress

Exhibition from the collection of NMG in Lučenec

15. november  2011 - 31. january 2012

Author of exhibition:  Mgr. Michaela Škodová (NMG)