Treasures of the Past

The exhibition shows a selection of the most precious pieces of the institution´s collection – from the fields of archeology, local history, ethnography and art.

You can see artefacts from Bronz Age localities of the region, like the treasure trove from Surice, the copy of golden jewellery found int he calvinist church in Lučenec and other archeological artefacts from Radzovce and Fiľakovo.

The Novohrad Museum and Gallery has been specialized on traditional industrial branches, especially on historical glass and enamelwork – the products of recently extinct factories of the region. The permanent exhibition  presents  theese products too, just as a selection of folk pottery, which had its centre in the neighbouring Halič.

An episode of the local history can be reviewed in one of the rooms, which contains several pieces of furniture and equipment from the Halič castle.

Another remarkable collection of old books bound in parchment or leather is also exhibited permanently.

At last but not least the institution´s rich gallery-collection is represented with a selection of the most precious and from the local respects representative paintings. The artists whose works are exhibited, are mostly connected with their lives with Novohrad region – just as T. Kosztka Csontváry, F. Gyurkovits, J. Szabó, B. Bacskai, and the enchanting aquarels of L. Mednyánszki.


Exhibition of ceramic art, Town Hall Lučenec 

Exhibition of the collection of Novohrad Museum and Gallery in Town Hall of Lučenec. 

It presents a selection of the contemporary ceramic collection. This collection has been created since 1989 and it is still being enriched yearly with new pieces, which are results of creative residence of the participants on international ceramic symposium. Raw material, fireproof ceramic materials and centuries of traditional folk pottery and industrial ceramic in Novohrad region make the ideal and material bases of this event. The artists create their works beyonde atelier conditions in factory for fireproof materials - Žiaromat Kalinovo. Fireproof material - fire-clay - means a challenge and inspiration for the artists and it offers an opportunity to explore new technological possibilities. As results we can find monumental artistic works as well as smaller, fragile pieces of ceramics from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Turkey, Austria, Argentina, Latvia, USA, Korea. Their selected works form a unique collection of contemporary ceramic art.